Logical Reasoning is one of the toughest questions from any of the competitive examinations syllabus for sure. Unless you practice fine or prepare accordingly, either you will find difficult to get going or you will waste your time at the allotted time duration based on the respective entrance exam for sure.

Hope you all visited the official notification offered by Staff Selection Commission Combined Graduate Level (CGL) Exam 2016 i.e. exactly the SSC CGL Exam 2016 indeed. We are here to give you the sample question for Logical Reasoning Questions and you can utilize the same to get practiced for upcoming SSC CGL Tier I Exam for sure. (Read our updates about, SSCCGL Tier I Exam Schedule Postponed)

SSC CGL Tier I Sample Logical Reasoning Question 2016:
Directions (1 to 3): In these questions select the related letters/words/numbers from the given alternatives.

1.  9: 80:: 100: ?     

(a) 901              (b) 1009               (c) 9889            (d) 9999

2.  25: 125::  36: ?

(a) 180             (b) 206               (c) 216          (d) 318

3. BEGK: ADFJ :: PSVY : ?

(a) ROUX                    (b) ORUX          (c) LQUT           (d) LOQT

Directions (4 to 5): Find the odd word/number/letter/number pair from the given alternatives

4.   (a) BE          (b) GJ          (c) NP           (d) QR

5.  (a) 1000             (b) 1725         (c) 2744               (d) 4096

Thanks for your try. We hope you solved successfully. If you are still stuck somewhere to answers for the above given Sample Questions for SSC CGL 2016 Exam, see below.

Sample SSC CGL Tier I Exam Logical Reasoning Answers:
1(d)    2(c)    3(b)     4(c)     5(b)

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