Hope you have opted for Structural Engineering Subject in Junior Engineering Examinations. Let us move to the detailed syllabus of the subject you have selected.

Subject -- Theory of structures:
Elasticity constants, bending moment and shear force diagrams of simply supported, types of beams - determinate and indeterminate, cantilever and over hanging beams. Moment of inertia and moment of area for rectangular & circular sections, channel and compound sections, bending moment and shear stress for tee, dams and retaining walls, chimneys, eccentric loads, Torsion of circular section. Critical load and columns,
slope deflection of simply supported and cantilever beams.

Subject -- Concrete Technology:
Properties, cement aggregates, Advantages and uses of concrete, importance of water quality, workability, water cement ratio, mix design, batching, storage, mixing, placement, finishing and curing of concrete, compaction, quality control of concrete repair and maintenance of concrete structures, , hot weather and cold weather concreting.

Subject -- RCC Design:
RCC beams- shear strength, flexural strength, bond strength, cantilever beams, design of singly reinforced and doubly reinforced beams. T-beams, lintels. Isolated footings, One way and two way slabs. Reinforced brick works, staircases, columns, retaining walls, water tanks.

Subject -- Steel Design:

Beams roof trusses plate girders and Steel design and construction of steel columns

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