Directions (1-20): In each of the following questions, some part of the sentence may have errors. Find out the part of the sentence, in each question , which has an error and mark the corresponding part viz., A,B or C as you answer. If the sentence is free from error, mark your answer as D, ie. No error.

1. Unless the Government does not revise its policy of liberalization (A)/ the growth of the indigenous technology (B)/will be adversely affected. (C)/ No error. (D)

2. One must abide on (A)/the terms of (B)/the Government. (C)/No error.(D)

3. A hand pump is (A)/very easy to work and(B)/about to take their place.(C)/No error.(D)

4. The team was (A)/now in the field and (B)/about to take their place.(C)/No error.(D)

5. The sun will (A)/not rise before (B)/an hour.(C)/No error.(D)

6. I will have (A)/both the Nokia (B)/or the Samsung phone.(C)/No error.(D)

7. My brother does not know (A)/whether tomorrow can be a (B)/holiday for him.(C)/No error.(D)

8. Make what you (A)/write and say (B)/more absorbed and engrossing. (C)/No error.(D)

9. Everyone were happy (A)/to hear (B)/about his success.(C)/No error.(D)

10.The couple walked (A)/besides each other (B)/in silence.(C)/No error.(D)

11. Young men are wanted (A)/for the army, the navy (B)/and the air force.(C)/No error.(D)

12. They came here in (A)/the evening and start (B)/making arrangements.(C)/No error.(D)

13. If Mohan had (A)/told me last week (B)/I will have given him the money.(C)/No error.(D)

14. Many a man (A)/have died (B)/of cancer.(C)/No error.(D)

15. My brother-in-laws (A)/who live in Bangalore (B)/have come to stay with us.(C)/No error.(D)

16. Kumar helped not only me (A)/but also my brother (B)/when he was in need.(C)/No error.(D)

17. The reason of her (A)/success is due to (B)/her intelligence.(C)/No error.(D)

18. He hesitated to accept the post (A)/as he did not think (B)/that the salary was sufficient.(C)/No error.(D)

19. My neighbour along with his children (A)/are going tonight (B)/to see the latest horror movie.(C)/No error.(D)

20. Shanthi is one of the (A)/most intelligent (B)/girl in her class.(C)/No error.(D)

Answers with Explanations:

1. (A). Correct term: Unless the Government revises its policy of liberalization
2. (A). Correct term: One must abide by
3. (D)
4. (C). Correct term: its place
5. (B). Correct term: not rise in
6. (B). Correct term: either the Nokia
7. (D)
8. (C). Correct term: absorbing and engrossing
9. (A). Correct term: Everyone was happy
10. (B). Correct term: beside each other
11. (D)
12. (B). Correct term: and started
13. (C). Correct term: would have given
14. (B). Correct term: has died
15. (A). Correct term: Brothers-in-law
16. (D)
17. (C). Correct term: remove 'due to'
18. (A). Correct term: in accepting the post
19. (B). Correct term: is going tonight
20. (C). Correct term: most intelligent girls

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