English is certainly one among the easy to get marks in many competitive examinations, perhaps few finds the same very difficult. However, the level of difficulty is certainly depends on one’s preparation with the subject for sure. If you really practice well with the English Language section of SSC CGL Tier I section, you can really find easy to crack the SSC CGL Exam even at the first attempt. We have given you some of the best possible sample questions for the SSC CGL Examination for Tier I, make the most of it and practice more questions too.

English Language SSC CGL Tier I Sample Questions 2016:
The object underlying the rules of natural justice ‘is to prevent miscarriage of justice’ and secure ‘fair play inaction’. As pointed out earlier the requirement about recording of reasons for its decision by an administrative authority exercising quasi-judicial functions achieves this object by excusing chances of arbitrariness and ensuring a degree of fairness in the process of decision making. Keeping in view the expanding horizon of the principle of natural justice, we are of the opinion that the requirement to record reason can be regarded as one of the principle of natural justice which governs exercise of power by administrative authorities. The rules of natural justice are not embodied rules.
The extent of their application depends upon the particular statutory framework where jurisdiction has been conferred on the administrative authority. With regard to the exercise of a particular by an administrative authority including exercise of judicial or quasi-judicial functions the legislature, while conferring the said power, may feel that it would not be in the larger public interest that the reasons for the order passed by the administrative authority be recorded in the order and be communicated to the aggrieved party and it may dispense with such a requirement.

1. According to the passage, there is always a gap between
(A) Demand for natural justice and its realization.
(B) Rules of natural justice and their application
(C) Intention and execution
(D) Conception of a rule and its concretization

2. According to the passage, natural justice can be brought about by
(A) Administrative authority framing rules suitably
(B) Administrative authority remaining vigilant
(C) Administrative authority observing the rules of fair play
(D) Administrative authority upholding rules of natural justice

3. ‘To dispense with a requirement’ means
(A) To drop the charge
(B) To alter the provisions of the case
(C) To cancel all formal procedure
(D) To do without the demand

4. “The rules of the natural justice are not embodied rules” means that these rules
(A) Are flexible
(B) Are left deliberately vague
(C) Cannot be visualised
(D) Cannot be satisfactorily interpreted

5. From the passage it is clear that it is the legislature that
(A) Invests the administrative authority with enormous powers
(B) Has the larger interests of public welfare
(C) Embodies rules
(D) Leaves administrative authority enough dimensions to interpret rules
Thanks for your try. If you still find it difficult to answer the above mentioned English Sample Question for the SSC CGL Tier I exam, please check the answers given below.

English Sample Question Answer for SSC CGL Tier I Exam 2016:
     1)    B       2) A   3) D   4) A   5) D


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