Directions(1-20): In each of the following passages, there are blanks each of which has been numbered. Against each, four words are suggested. Find out the appropriate word in each case.

                                                         PASSAGE 1:
   It is neither the size nor the length of life which makes man (1). The growth of mind and the intellect is (2) in proportion to the growth of the human body. Man may (3) physically the stature of a giant, yet he may remain (4) a dwarf. The true worth of a man (5) upon his action, deed and thought. Man is not like a tree. An oak tree (6) to a huge size and lives for hundreds of years, only to (7) to the ground, withered, dry an leafless (8). It is not in (9) things that (10) is sought.

1. (A) human  (B) polite (C) better (D) humble
2. (A) roughly (B) usually (C) ever (D) never
3. (A) earn (B) attain (C) keep (D) grow
4. (A) morally (B) spiritually (C) socially (D) intellectually
5. (A) depends (B) lies (C) revolves (D) gathers
6. (A) lifts (B) grows (C) manages (D) raises
7. (A) decay (B) dwindle (C) disappear (D) fall
8. (A) log (B) wood (C) pole (D) chip
9. (A) big (B) small (C) broad (D) lengthy
10. (A) interest (B) value (C) curiosity (D) perfection

                                                          PASSAGE 2:
   Every month, scientists (11) new gadgets and new ways to make technology faster and better. Our homes are full of hardware (such as DVD players and computers) (12) and (such as computer games and MP3s (13) suggests, however, that it is the young people who are best able to deal with this change. Whereas teenagers have no problem (14) a DVD player, their parents and grandparents often find using new technology (15) and different. But if you are a teenager who criticizes your parents to their (16) of technological awareness, don't be too hard on them. Sometime (17) the future, when you have got children of your own, your skill (18) to deal with new technology will probably (19) and your children will feel more (20) with new technology than you do.

11. (A) lack (B) effect (C) amount (D) storage
12. (A) complicated (B) automatic (C) unique (D) sudden
13. (A) decrease (B) please (C) able (D) easy
14. (A) estimate (B) invent (C) found (D) discover
15. (A) inventing (B) explaining (C) discovering (D) operating
16. (A) easy (B) able (C) comfortable (D) pleased
17. (A) software (B) laptops (C) gadgets (D) screens
18. (A) on (B) in (C) at (D) to
19. (A) research (B) programme (C) experiment (D) industry
20. (A) ability (B) talent (C) possibility (D) master

1. (A)
2. (D)
3. (B)
4. (D)
5. (A)
6. (B)
7. (D)
8. (A)
9. (A)
10. (D)
11. (A)
12. (A)
13. (A)
14. (B)
15. (D)
16. (C)
17. (C)
18. (B)
19. (A)
20. (A)

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      The committee has decided to ______ the new policy after thorough discussion.

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      b) approve
      c) ignore
      d) delay
      Despite the challenges, she remained ______ in her pursuit of excellence.

      a) hesitant
      b) steadfast
      c) indifferent
      d) doubtful
      The scientists conducted experiments to ______ the hypothesis proposed by the researchers.

      a) falsify
      b) validate
      c) complicate
      d) dismiss
      It is essential to maintain a ______ balance between work and personal life.

      a) delicate
      b) harsh
      c) flimsy
      d) rigid
      The author’s use of vivid imagery helps to ______ the reader’s imagination.

      a) stifle
      b) engage
      c) confuse
      d) ignore
      b) approve
      b) steadfast
      b) validate
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