1.   The ratio of two numbers is 3:4 and their LCM is 180. The second number is-
(A)        45
(B)        60
(C)        30
(D)        90

     2.   Rs.730 is divided among A,B and C in such a way that if A gets Rs.3, then B gets Rs.4 and if B gets Rs.3.50 then C gets Rs.3, then B gets Rs.4 and if B gets Rs.3.50 then C gets Rs.3. The share of B exceeds that of C by-
(A)        Rs.30
(B)        Rs.40
(C)        Rs.70
(D)        Rs.210

     3.   The prices of a school bag and a shoe are in the ratio 7:5. The price of a school bag is Rs.200 more than the price of a shoe. Then the price of shoe is-
(A)        Rs.200
(B)        Rs.700
(C)        Rs.500
(D)        Rs.1200

     4.   Incomes of x and y are in the ratio 4:3. Their expenditure are in the ratio 12:7. Both save Rs.3200 at the end of this month. What is the income of x?
(A)        Rs.6000
(B)        Rs.8000
(C)        Rs.2000
(D)        Rs.10000

     5.   11 friends went to a hotel and decided to pay the bill amount equally. But 10 of them could pay Rs.60 each, as a result 11th has to pay Rs.50 extra than his share. Find the amount paid by him.
(A)        Rs.105
(B)        Rs.110
(C)        Rs.115
(D)        Rs.120

     6.   The ratio of the ages of A and B at present is 3:1. Four years earlier, the ratio was 4:1. The present age of A is-
(A)        40 years
(B)        32 years
(C)        36 years
(D)        48 years

      7.   If x:y=2:3 and 2:x=4:8, the value of y is –
(A)        6
(B)        8
(C)        4
(D)        12


    1.   (B)
    2.   (B)
    3.   (C)
    4.   (B)
    5.   (C)
    6.   (C)

    7.   (A)

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