1.  A trader who marks his goods up by 50% offers a discount of 20%. What is his profit percentage?
(A)        30%
(B)        28%
(C)        20%
(D)        25%

    2.  By selling an article for Rs.450, a man loses 10%. The gain percent if he sells it for Rs.540 is-
(A)        10%
(B)        20%
(C)        8%
(D)        16%

    3.  A fruit seller buys 240 guavas for Rs.600. Some of these guavas are bad and are thrown away. He sells the remaining at Rs.3.50 each and makes a profit of Rs.198. The percentage of guavas thrown away is:
(A)        5%
(B)        6%
(C)        7%
(D)        8%

    4.  The cost price of an article is Rs.800. After allowing a discount of 25%, a gain of 20% was made. What is the marked price of the article?
(A)        Rs.1500
(B)        Rs.1280
(C)        Rs.1440
(D)        Rs.1200

    5.  Main earned a profit of 20% by selling 60 apples at the rate of Rs.42.50 for 5 apples. Then the total cost, at which the apples were bought, is-
(A)        Rs.452
(B)        Rs.425
(C)        Rs.450
(D)        Rs.485

    6.  Selling price of 10 oranges is the cost price of 13 oranges. What is the profit percentage?
(A)        300/13%
(B)        13%
(C)        10%
(D)        30%

    7.  The marked price of a mobile phone is Rs.4800. The shopkeeper allows a discount of 10% and gains 8%. If no discount is allowed, his gain percent would be-
(A)        25%
(B)        18%
(C)        16%
(D)        20%


    1.   (C)
    2.   (C)
    3.   (A)
    4.   (B)
    5.   (B)
    6.   (D)
    7.   (D)

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