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                               Hope your preparation goes well for the upcoming examination. Here we provide you with sample question paper on English subject which deals with Antonyms chapter. You can find the answers below at the end of this post. All the best for your exam preparation from examsavvy team...

Directions (1-20):  In each of the following questions, a word is given followed by four alternatives. Out of the four alternatives, you have to choose one, which is opposite in meaning to the given word:

1. Enduring
(A) Transient
(B) Stable
(C) Strong
(D) Terminating

2. Churlish
(A) Intelligent
(B) Courteous
(C) Modest
(D) Boorish

3. Unscrupulous
(A) Unnecessary
(B) Dedicated
(C) Conscientious
(D) Not written

4. Debonair
(A) Suave
(B) Obscene
(C) Urbane
(D) Awkward

5. Bizarre
(A) Ordinary
(B) Ridiculous
(C) Jubilant
(D) Shabby

6. Facsimile
(A) Original
(B) Duplicate
(C) Fact-finding
(D) Concentrate

7. Boisterous
(A) Unruly
(B) Calm
(C) Mischievous
(D) Bold

8. Gratify
(A) Magnify
(B) Defeat
(C) Frustrate
(D) Thankful

9. Accusation
(A) Achievement
(B) Encouragement
(C) Complaint
(D) Exculpation

10. Quell
(A) Incite
(B) Contract
(C) Control
(D) Ask

11. Flawless
(A) Clueless
(B) Defective
(C) Hesitant
(D) Condemn

12. Taciturn
(A) Aloof
(B) Method
(C) Talkative
(D) Silent

13. Miniscule
(A) Minute
(B) Massive
(C) Excellent
(D) Menial

14. Endow
(A) Bequeath
(B) Bestow
(C) Enclose
(D) Dispossess

15. Grieve
(A) Mourn
(B) Lament
(C) Rejoice
(D) Agony

16. Frugal
(A) Prudent
(B) Faulty
(C) Useful
(D) Extravagant

17. Profound
(A) Superficial
(B) Capable
(C) Plenty
(D) Special

18. Exhume
(A) Exit
(B) Inter
(C) Fatigue
(D) Complete

19. Guilty
(A) Honest
(B) Sincere
(C) Innocent
(D) Calm

20. Vivacious
(A) Bright
(B) Strong
(C) Open
(D) Languid


1. (A)
2. (B)
3. (C)
4. (D)
5. (A)
6. (A)
7. (B)
8. (C)
9. (D)
10. (A)
11. (B)
12. (C)
13. (B)
14. (D) 
15. (C)
16. (D)
17. (A)
18. (B)
19. (C)
20. (D)

Click here for English- Synonyms Chapter Sample Test paper for SSC CGL Exams 2016 


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