Have you been into the bank examination sector? Are you an aspirant of clearing the Government Job Examinations like SSC, UPSC, state service commissions, or even to any bank exams like IBPS, SBI and so on? Then, you must have to try answering the following Logical Questions at its best to clear your competitive examination smartly.
The Logical Question Answers are one of the important topics that most of the online competitive examination takers will like and dislike based on their practice as well. This is especially because, if you are aware of how to tackle the logical questions in entrance or competitive examinations, you will easily to get additional marks to crack the same. Here, we are giving you some of the Sample Logical Question for the Bank Examinations. Solve it and share it without fail!

1.  Raghu and Babu are twins. Babu's sister is Reema. Reema's husband is Rajan. Raghu's mother is Lakshmi. Lakshmi's husband is Rajesh. How is Rajesh related to Rajan?
(a) Uncle                 (b) Son-in-law             (c) Father-in-law           (d) Cousin

Directions (2 to 5):In the questions given below, select the missing number from the given responses.

2.   7, 8, 10, 13, 17, ?
(a) 23            (b) 20         (c) 22           (d) 21

3.   69, 72, 78, 87, ?, 114      
(a) 93            (b) 96             (c) 111          (d) 99

4.   48, 82, 44, 77, 40, 72, ?
(a) 36                (b) 40                  (c) 76                        (d) 70

5.    If  364 (146) 437, then 574 (?) 641
(a) 236                  (b) 356                       (c) 250                      (d) 134

Find the right answers for the above given Sample Logical Questions and share your answers with the Examsavvy Facebook Page

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